Deniz Kazma was born and grew up in Istanbul and she began her career at the Fine Arts Academy as an art drawing instructor for preparation courses. Shortly after, she herself started studying graphic design at Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University. After graduating, she worked as an Art Director at a network advertising agency, and after two years in the sector she moved to Brussels where she focused on graphic design and illustration.

Throughout her career, she traveled between Istanbul, Buenos Aires and Brussels, collaborating with musicians and artists as a performer, exploring the use of the body in space and with visual illusions. She performed on stages, experimenting with moving images and collaborating with music band BabaZula and project Anabala. During her stay in Buenos Aires, she was involved in the city’s music scene, worked with musicians and developed concepts and branding for various artistic enterprises such as Santos4040, Martillados a Mano, La Grande.

Years later, back in Brussels, her work expanded to abstract paintings which serve as a visual statement for the high-tech developments altering the human perceptions of the surrounding world.

Deniz currently runs a studio in Brussels, working on her paintings and sculpture projects besides collaborating with some of the remarkable fellow artists from her milieu.


Born in a transparently multi-layered ancient city, I grew up observing the human presence and its arts engraved layer by layer in every stone around me. In this symbiosis, all cultures, beliefs, seas and DNAs interlace without effort. This flexibility is reflected into my creations as an abundance of eclectism.

I am particularly interested in the effects of technological developments on the human body, senses and emotions. I experiment with traditional materials such as paper, water-based pigments, canvas or/and wood, while focusing on our existence as an unfinished entity.

I want my work to be exotic, and I seek new ways of seeing the world around me in multiple dimensions, recreating both its physical and emotional narrations. I try to create new habits to see the familiar in an unfamiliar way.

Music and rhythm, areal, satellite and drone photography, deconstruction, cybernetic organisms, organic futurism and bio-mimicry are some of my sources of inspiration.



Academie voor Beeldende Kunsten Anderlecht Brussels/BE - Keramiek


Sound Image Culture (SIC) 16 months Master class Brussels/BE - Ethnographical and Anthropological Documentary making


SLAC Grafisch ontwerp en illustratie Leuven/BE


BFA, Mimar Sinan University, Fine Arts Faculty, Graphic Design Major

Printing Minor Istanbul/TR



Nowa, Brussels BE ~ Artwork

StudioPorcepolis, Brussels BE ~ Pattern design

Plateforme citoyenne de soutien aux réfugiés Bruxelles BE ~ Artwork | Profit donation to ‘Solidarity is not a crime’ platform


Object Miqo, ISTANBUL TR | Profit donation to support female education in rural areas in Anatolia.

Maison de l'emploi Schaerbeek, Brussels BE ~ Artwork

La Lustrerie, Brussels BE ~ Mural


ROM3, Brussels BE ~ Product development

La Grande, Buenos Aires AR ~ Ongoing Project | Visuals for Argentinian improvisation band


RuimteVaart, Leuven BE ~ Corporate Identity | An association that actively works to erase the effects of poverty and exclusion.


Mavi Jeans ~ Artwork


Pera Museum ~ Product Design for Frida Kahlo Exhibition


Babazula: Performer

Anabala: Performer