Deniz Kazma is a creative art designer from Istanbul, based in Brussels. She studied graphic design at the Fine Arts University, which helped her use her intuitions and develop her skills in the use of colours, shapes and metaphors. She also studied ceramics and took an 18-month program in Brussels to develop anthropological visual projects.

Her work has covered many fields ranging from graphic design to spatial arrangements and object design, from stage performance to video, from painting to digital art. Deniz also maintains collaborations with other artists and brands, which is also essential to the development of her work.

Deniz travelled a lot and lived in various vibrant cities to cultivate her style and feed her imagination. She took part in several group exhibitions and collaborated with other artists, designers and brands in Belgium, Turkey and Argentina. Her studio is based in Brussels.


I use a variety of materials and processes to convey the stories behind my work. I reference existing styles, such as collage artworks only I do not cutout pieces from existing images, but I cutout pieces from my own paintings. The artwork has different stages/identities during its existence. To me, the creative steps are a parallel to human nature, which undergoes several stages in order to find a better body.  

I love the possibilities that lie in the flexibility and complex details in simplicity. As a child, I loved playing with basic building blocks to be able to create comforting places. As an artist, this creative process never left me and even became my most fluent form of language. 

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